PUBLICATION DESIGN A project focused on the research, organization and development of a complex communications document. Each student's publication is dedicated to a different cause, based off of TED's "One Wish to Change the World."
ADVANCED TYPOGRAPHY Students transformed text into visually engaging communications, while enhancing legibility and amplifying the meaning of the content.
CASE STUDIES IN CORPORATE IDENTITY Students rebranded corporate and cultural entities, based on extensive research and analysis of the brand personalities and identities.
COMMUNICATION PROGRAMS The course explores the conceptual development and design application for the Seattle International Film Festival. Students designed for all aspects of the event, including posters, mailers, environmental pieces and motion graphics.
EXHIBIT DESIGN Students examined how to effectively communicate powerful messages within 3D spaces. Designs created wayfinding and exhibition experiences, integrating typography, imagery, and innovative materials.
IMAGE VISUALIZATIONS Students visualized several different topics and concepts, exploring new and effective techniques for image generation.
INFORMATION DESIGN Investigated how design can present and enhance complex statistics and data. Students designed charts, diagrams, graphs and maps on a variety of subjects.
MARKS AND SYMBOLS The projects for this course began with research into brand positioning, which informed the design of a symbol set and logos.
INTERFACE DESIGN By designing a touch screen car radio, students learned to use metaphors and interaction models to design an interface. This course challenged students to think about how people intake information and use devices, and how that will change in coming years.
TYPE DESIGN The fundamentals of type design are integrated into a typeface that embodies the essence and personality of a chosen location.
DESIGN IN ROME SEMINAR This seminar, located at the UW Rome Center, focused on Italian culture, design, art history, architecture and photography.
MICROSOFT DESIGN EXPO Interdisciplinary teams designed a user experience prototype encouraging “out of the box” thinking, by exploring students’ visions for the future of computing and interaction design.
SOCIAL ISSUE POSTERS Students designed two posters raising awareness about two opposing sides of the same issue.
SENIOR CAPSTONE Independent projects from senior design students